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Are you looking to build an online course or have you already build that ideal online course, but struggle with the thought of how to pull all the technology together?  We get it, technology is not always the friendliest thing in the world.

That is why we built 92 Interactive.

It’s built from the ground up to allow you to quickly upload your course material and launch your product with your own domain name, or, we have a done for you program that will take all your content, design your website, handle your infrastructure set-up, arrange for a graphic designer to brand your course and get it live and operational before you know it.

Real Life

Steven Rigsby had an idea for an online course.  He wanted to those who wanted to start their own pool cleaning businesses, but the thought of building the course seemed overwhelming.  Steven had no idea on how he would find customers for the course, how he would pull the technology together and how to deliver the information.

One day while listening to a podcast, Steven was introduced to David Siteman Garland.  David offered a free video series and content to help Steven build out his course.  With the course built and the next major challenge was the technology.

Steven was concerned about how to pull all the content to together, how to protect his valuable content, how to stream videos, how to build and upload the graphics – you see Steven was lost in the digital world.

That’s when he turned to 92 Interactive, Steven, hired us to build out the entire program, upload all the content and even show him how to accept credit card payments from his customers.  Steven was still struggling with one thing, how to let go of the process, that’s where his technology coordinator helped him, they gave Steven guidance on marketing programs to help him build his audience while our elves brought his program to life.

He like Steven and let us bring your course to life, schedule an appointment today to meet with one of our talented Technology Coordinators.

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